Do you use Templates?

Absolutely not! Every design we create is custom crafted by one of our professional web designers. We select and incorporate relevant design elements that compliment your product / Service.

Do you provide and write the copy for my page?

If you have content so may give us otherwise our copywriters are specifically trained and experienced with writing web copy that converts

How many revisions are included?

We are providing you a dedicated designer who will give you unlimited revisions without any question. Just send us the list of adjustments and we will make update according your comments. We always speak up to help our clients produce the best possible and result, We are not robots like a lot of these other firms;)

Do I need provide you with photos?

Nope, We will provide you stock free images and if you feel any special photo for your web page so you may provide us.

Landing page will show on Mobile and Desktop?

Yes we will give you 100% responsive and fast loading web page design with high converting ratio.

Is the coding of contact form included?

Yes the coding of the contact form is included with the premium and platinum packages. All the info a user submits are instantly emailed to you.

How detailed should I be when providing instructions?

If you are very particular and specific about your needs then you should provide very detailed instructions. If you are more laid back, open to suggestions and not super picky then provide the basics and let our designers do the rest.

What's more effective a long or short form landing page?

It depends on the nature of your product or services. Some require a more detailed explanation of effectively communicate the value, while others are more clear cut and don't need much persuasion. The higher the demand, the less convincing required. If in doubt just call us and we'll let you know which one best suits your needs.

How long does it take to turnaround revisions?

it takes 24-48 hrs to complete with 100% satisfaction.

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